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It's important that you take very special care of your feet at any age, from children's growing feet through to adulthood and older age. Your feet can affect the alignment of the rest of your body causing pain in the knees, legs, hips and sometimes in the lower back. The podiatrists at Kings Meadows Podiatry in the Launceston suburb of  Kings Meadows are experts in assessment, diagnosis and treatment of foot problems of all kinds. Get the best care possible for your feet at Kings Meadows Podiatry; after all, you have a lot riding on them!

Opening Hours

Monday:        8.40am - 6.00pm

Tuesday:       8.40am - 6.00pm

Wednesday:  8.40am - 5.00pm

Thursday:      8.40am - 6.00pm

Friday:           8.40am - 4.00pm

Consultations by appointment only.

First consultation is 40 minutes duration. Subsequent consultations 20 minutes. Nail surgery 1 hour.

Please phone 63435300 for an appointment.

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At Kings Meadows Podiatry, we provide a complete range of podiatry services including:

  • Assessment and diagnosis of your foot, or foot related problem
  • Biomechanical gait assessment
  • Treatment and advice
  • Paediatric assessments (children)
  • Serial casting
  • Diabetic foot health assessment
  • Assessment of sports and overuse injuries
  • Professional advice
  • Vascular status assessment of the feet
  • Custom-made orthotics
  • Professional fitting of "Off-the -shelf" orthotics often with modifications
  • General footcare
  • Referral to another health professional when required
  • Referral for x-rays and ultrasound of the feet and ankles
  • Ongoing support

Our friendly team is here to take very special care of you and your family. You will find our clinic in Kings Meadows comfortable and welcoming for children and adults alike.

  • Self referrals welcome
  • Department of Veterans' Affairs Clients welcome with a D904 referral from your Doctor
  • Referrals from your Doctor for Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) plans accepted
  • HICAPS & EFTPOS facilities available

About us

The Podiatrists at Kings Meadows Podiatry will perform a thorough assessment of your feet and provide appropriate advice and treatment for your problem or foot type. They  are always happy to answer your questions and help you where they can.The clinic Podiatrists are highly qualified professionals who will take expert care of you and your feet.

Podiatrists are the specialists to consult when you have foot problems or problems related to your feet. They use state of the art equipment and the latest innovative techniques to diagnose and treat your feet. You will feel comfortable and relaxed with your feet in the safe hands of our podiatrists.

If you have foot pain or any related conditions or complaints trust Launceston's specialist team at Kings Meadows Podiatry to take professional care of them.